Black Rose

May It Be


For the one who was gone too soon.



May It Be


There are no words to say.

Only eyes that aren’t dry.

There are no smiles to be given today,

Only the sighs that say good-bye.


We were strangers. You were friends.

And yet this pain is all too real.

Where we thought life begins- yours ends

What else are we supposed to feel?


Some may say I have no right to grieve.

And I sometimes think they’re right.

But what wouldn’t all of us be prepared to give

For a little sleep this night?


I don’t question. I’m not asking why.

That’s why I was never that much around.

But now if to see you, we must look at the sky-

Do you not remember the ones you left on the ground?


May it be that the darkness fall

At the end of every day,

Is just you reminding us all

To continue along our way.


May it be that what you left behind

Is something that we’ll grow

May it be that what’s inside

Is worth it- even though you’ll never know.


May it be that your memory

Is something that will never dim,

May it be – even though you’ll never see

Our resolves grow stronger, not thin.


And finally- may it be

That those you left behind today

Will live as you wished- hopeful and free

A light that will never fade away.



Day 9: “Lahaina”

And now, our (optional) prompt. Today’s prompt was suggested by Bruce Niedt. Here’s Bruce’s explanation: take any random song play list (from your iPod, CD player, favorite radio station, Pandora or Spotify , etc.) and use the next five song titles on that randomized list in a poem.


Lahaina (Maholo Version) – Depapepe

Lovers In Japan – Coldplay

Tricky Sister Girl – Skankfunk

Endlessly – The Cab

This Life – Mandalay




This life is fleeting, though it seems long-

Much like how lovers view their time together.


Some choose to wait. Some choose to travel.

Paris. Milan. New York. Japan.


But here’s the question- one that’s quite tricky:

What is in life that we choose to live for, endlessly?


Girl – Sister, Boy – Brother, why even bother?

Who is anyone to tell us what to do with our time?


I guess there’s nothing short of guessing it-

What you do with your life is simply how you live it.



Day 8: “Truth And Reconciliation”

And now for today’s (optional, as always!) prompt. Today, let’s rewrite a famous poem, giving it our own spin. While any famous poem will do, if you haven’t already got one in mind, why not try your own version of Cesar Vallejo’s Black Stone Lying on a White Stone? If you’re not exactly sure how such a poem could be “re-written,” check out this recent poem by Stephen Burt, which riffs on Vallejo’s. Happy writing!


After “A Betrayal” by Lang Leav




Truth and Reconciliation


I can see

the truth, so free-

somewhere above

in joy and love.


The most beautiful thing-

about this task


Is that we can move on-

the past is past.


Day 7: “An Ode To Chocolate”

Today’s prompt is to write a love poem . . . but the object of the poem should be inanimate. You can write a love poem to your favorite pen, the teddy bear you had as a child (and maybe still have), or anything else, so long as it’s not alive! Happy writing.



An Ode To Chocolate


You are truly perfect, bar none-

better than anyone,

you beautiful, beautiful thing.


I’ll love you first, I’ll love you last,

this magic spell over me you’ve cast-

this beautiful, beautiful thing.


And I will never see

anything else before you came to be

my beautiful, beautiful thing.


Day 6: “Our First Song”

And now, the (as always, optional) prompt. We got rather complicated with yesterday’s prompt, so today’s is much simpler. Take a good look outside your window. Spend a minute or so jotting down all the nouns you see outside. Tree. Car. Bus. Dog. Then spend a minute or so writing down all the colors you see. Finally, think about taking place outside. Is the wind blowing? “Blow.” Is someone walking their dog? “Walk.” Spend a minute or so writing down these verbs. Now you’ve got a whole list of words from which to build a poem, mixing and matching as you go. Happy writing!


Wondering a lot of things today.




Our First Song


I walk along the corridors

and see these empty halls


Listening for a song

That I hope to find within these walls.


I walk and walk, among the trees

Hoping to find some trace and see


That song which will eventually

make us- a you and me.


I know it’s sad to think,

and it’s even sadder to say-


but if I find that song tomorrow,

couldn’t I just have heard it today?


Day 5: “P.S. I Love You”

Today’s prompt is a little complicated, which is why I saved it for a Saturday, in the hopes that you might have a little more time today than during a weekday. I think this is a very rewarding form, though, so I hope you’ll enjoy it! Today I challenge you to write a “golden shovel.” This form was invented by Terrance Hayes in his poem, The Golden Shovel. The last word of each line of Hayes’ poem is a word from Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem We Real Cool. You can read Brooks’ poem by reading the last word of each line of Hayes’ poem! (In fact, you can do so twice, because Hayes, being ultra-ambitious, wrote a two-part golden shovel, repeating Brooks’ poem). Now, the golden shovel is a tricky form, but you can help keep it manageable by picking a short poem to shovel-ize. And there’s no need to double-up the poem you pick, like Hayes did. Here are a few possibilities to work from:


In particular here’s the one I chose:



Their relationship consisted
In discussing if it existed.

-Thom Gunn



P.S. I Love You


And in discussing their

rather flawed and odd relationship

there consisted:


that there was no point in

fighting, breaking, and discussing

so they thought if


what kind of love was it

if those words were all that existed


Mirrors Don’t Lie

Picture this:

You’re about to take a bath. You go into the bathroom, put your stuff in the shower, and go to the sink to brush your teeth.

As you face and upper body get lit, you just look at yourself. The toothpaste hovering over your toothbrush. You are entranced, mesmerized, utterly drawn by what you see in the mirror.

And you don’t like what you see.

You see the thin guy with the stupid-looking glasses. The brown-skinned girl who thinks her cheeks are too wide for her face. The guy with a big nose and freckles. Or the pale girl who thinks her hair is too short and her eyes are too small.

The toothpaste and toothbrush fall from your hands and you just rest on the sink, looking at yourself, feeling a myriad of emotions. Helplessness. Frustration. Despair. Discontentment. Disappointment. Self-loathing. Anger. Disgust. But all of them have one core: the feeling of defeat.

The face you see, the form in that mirror is both a testament to how much have you failed yourself, and a mockery of what you are.

“You could’ve been better,” you think. “It’s not my fault my genes are like this,” you might say. Or perhaps you don’t say anything at all. You lock eyes with your own reflection and linger over the silent tear that starts to fall. Hollywood and bedtime stories have all told that every ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan. But looking at yourself, you only see a duck. And you know, deep within yourself, that you only have yourself to blame.

You silently curse the existence of the mirror. You know it never lies, and it will always show what is presented to it, regardless of what that thing feels about itself is. You wish you could be a bit more buffed. Or your teeth don’t look so stupid. You’ll imagine a brief fantasy about having the perfect face, the perfect complexion, the disappearance of all those scars. And yet the mirror never lies.

And yet.

And yet you realize that you keep looking at this mirror- that this mirror did nothing wrong. You are not the problem. But you can be a solution.

There must be a reason why you keep looking at this mirror day after day. More than to remind you of despair, it reminds you of hope. The hope that face in the mirror and that body behind it isn’t what you are going to see forever.

Insecurities come everyday- that buff guy that you wish you could become or the neighbor that you always feel cooks better than you. But mirrors are not photographs. They only reflect what you show- and what you show is entirely up to you. Hollywood got some things right- and cliche is a cliche for a reason.

Mirrors never lie.

But they can’t guarantee the future.

You smile to yourself – a little exasperated, a little amused, maybe a little disappointed or annoyed- but filled with a lot of hope. So what do you do? You pick up your toothpaste and toothbrush and start brushing your teeth.

And as you smile, your reflection smiles with you.